For the first time since 2002 we spent Christmas in Australia with my family.  It has been wonderful having the cousins together and the grandparents doting on their grandchildren. 

On Christmas Eve my sister and my nephew had a sleepover with us.  We decorated cookies, the kids stirred the Christmas pudding mix and made their wishes, we had a barbeque, made our Christmas Day preparations, and watched the Christmas Carols while sipping hot chocolate and enjoying some snacks.  We decorated extra cookies for Santa and then put the children to bed so Santa could do his thing.

On Christmas Day the kids actually slept in just a little so I enjoyed some quiet time by myself reading and having my morning coffee.  Once the little ones were awake they tore into their gifts from Santa, we enjoyed a family breakfast of french toast and croissants and then were joined by my grandmother and my brother and his girlfriend for lunch.  

A couple of days after Christmas we had another celebration with extended family and one of my primary (elementary) school friends and her family.

It was a fun-filled few days with lots of family, very spoiled children and way too much food being consumed by all.

Christmas Pudding
Handmade Nativity Scene
Isn't the nativity scene above beautiful.  My dad handmade it about 30 years ago using cane and mohair.


Kids collage

A few highlights for our children.  Flynn and the train stations he asked Santa for.  Marisol and her new baby (Baby Alive) that poops, pees and talks non-stop.  Jay getting his ears pierced and getting more iTunes gift cards than he ever expected (he's now in music heaven).

Christmas table

Decorating collage


For those who celebrate Christmas, I hope it was wonderful one.

Much love to all of you for the new year.

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