The unpacking of boxes.  Who knew we had so much 'stuff'.  We donated, threw out and recycled so much and yet still 4 16ft trucks later, we are still going.   And the 4th truck hasn't even arrived yet.  The garage is over-run with boxes and until this afternoon I was cutting watermelon with a plastic picnic knife and drinking coffee out of a milkshake cup … okay, I'm still doing that last one.  Where is that 4th truck?  It has my coffee mugs.

But I will enjoy sharing photos with you of our new digs once we have unpacked and settled in.  I especially cannot wait to get started on my new craft room.  I have plans for it.  Lots of plans.

One of my priorities (even though I am still eating off Preserve dinnerware) was to ensure the kids had their favorite things set up as quickly as possible.


So although their play room is far from being finished … books will be going on the bookshelves tonight … they certainly are not bored.  And most importantly the little man has his trains.

I love the light in this house.  It may have something to do with the fact there are currently no window furnishings, but there is light everywhere, and high ceilings, a fireplace and a pool (which I am sure will get quite the workout over the San Diego summer).

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