I would say that Angry Birds are almost on an equal par with LEGO these days. Although the twins still love their LEGO playlists, read their LEGO books and play with their LEGO a lot, they also love to play Angry Birds games on their cell phones (which were our old phones).

We haven't bought them any Angry Birds toys, and I don't know that I intend to, so the kids got creative recently and made their own game.  I had no input in this, none of it was my idea, and I wasn't allowed to help. I simply took a few photos when I saw what they were doing. 

So, if you head on over to The Blogger Connection I'm sharing the Angry Bird craft project and game, which involved a lot of paper rolls … which could also explain why there have been so many blocked up toilets of late.

DIY Angry Birds Craft and Activity For Kids

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Alicia March 13, 2013 - 3:51 pm

Kids of all ages like angry birds. My 6 yr old to my 18 yr old play on their phones and at Grandmas and Grandpas on the Roku. How would have thought that sling shooting birds would be so much fun!


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