For about 9 months I've been attempting to cross stitch bibs for our cousins twins. They will be turning 1 in June and I've been seriously lagging behind on getting these done.

With our week of sickness hell though I was able to get them finished. Yippeee, one craft project off the list finally.

cross stitch bib
cross stitch bib

I wanted to add a few tips here too, just in case anyone is interested. Those who know me well, know I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so the main reason I didn't have these done sooner is that I can't stand it when you can see the stitching on the back of an article and until I could come up with a solution to the problem, they just sat in my cross-stitch box waiting and waiting…..

Then I had a fab idea and took off to my local Joanne's store and purchased some white towelling and this awesome little product pictured to the left.

So this is what I did

Now doesn't this look ugly. I hate being able to see the stitching on the reverse side.

Step 1: Cut a rectangle of HeatBond and iron it onto the reverse side of the cross-stitch. Wait for it to cool and then peel off the backing paper. The reason I did this was to 'set' the stitches so they wouldn't come loose when the bib is washed. This product is washable, how fabulous is that. Apparently people use it to do hems, unlike me who painstakingly stitches everything.

Step 2: Cut a rectangle of white towelling and hand stitch over the top of the heat bond/reverse of the cross stitch. Now doesn't the bib on the right look so much better than the one on the left. Yeah.

N.B. I always give credit where credit is due, only part of the cross-stitch is my design. The pattern for the word 'Yummy' and the spoon pattern came with the bibs . The puppy dog pattern can be found on The Chart Shop website. The hearts and the wording to the right of each bib are my own.

These would make a lovely handmade baby shower gift.

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