There’s boysenberry food and fun for everyone at the annual Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm from April 1 – 23. Don’t forget to try the new boysenberry pizza.

If you aren’t familiar with the boysenberry, you are missing out.

Boysenberries are dark purple, look a little like a blackberry, but taste more like a raspberry. The berries can also apparently grow up to 1-2 inches in length – according to the lovely gentleman working in the Western Trails Museum at Knott’s Berry Farm, who gave us a little lesson on the boysenberry during the week when we were visiting.

And where does one go to try a whole lot of boysenberry goodness? Knott’s Berry Farm during the annual Boysenberry Festival of course.

The roots of Knott’s Berry Farm stretch back to the early 1930s when Walter Knott nurtured the only surviving boysenberry vines back to health and began selling the berries from his fruit stand on Beach Blvd. in Buena Park, California. The popular purple little boysenberry put Knott’s Berry Farm on the road to being America’s first theme park. The rest, as they say, is history. As the birthplace of the delectable boysenberry Knott’s Berry Farm once again showcases the little berry that started it all with a spectacular 23-day food and beverage celebration. The festival features one-of-a-kind and unbelievable boysenberry based (and inspired) food items, craft beverages, desserts, plus live entertainment, and fun for everyone!

And it’s not too late to visit the Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm, the festival will be running through April 23rd.

We happened to have a half day at school last Wednesday, and with the park being open until 10pm, I picked the kids up and we headed straight there … and somehow managed to close the park down because a certain little girl wanted to keep going on the rides. I think she was on a bit of a boysenberry high too after eating boysenberry BBQ wings, boysenberry BBQ meatballs, boysenberry cotton candy, a little of the boysenberry panna cotta and boysenberry pizza, and topped off of course with boysenberry punch.

Here’s a tip when you go though, make sure to get the tasting card. With it you get to try the meatballs, fry bread, buffalo wings, ravioli, panna cotta and pizza. It was all SO good. And don’t forget the wine tasting card too if you want to try a little wine while you are there. I actually had the card and then totally forgot to go to the wine tasting because the kids were dragging me around to the rides.

If you are looking for some other yummy boysenberry foods to try don’t forget to swing past the Fry Co and get the fries with alligator and boysenbery aioli, it’s so good. I didn’t have it this year because I was seriously full after working my way through the tasting card, but did have it last year and loved it.  Also, the boysenberry soft serve. I really wanted to try that one this year, but after eating the panna cotta and fry bread for dessert there was no more room left. None! Normally I’m an unzip and power through kinda girl, but I thought it best not to do that at the park. You are welcome everyone.

Don’t forget to check out the great shows while you are there too including Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jam-Boree, at the Calico Mine Stage , it’s the perfect time to grab some food and sit down for a bit.

Feel free to check out my slideshow on Instagram for more photos of our fun day.

And while you are there, stock up on the boysenberry jams, jellies, and sauces that they sell so you can make your favorite dishes year-round at home too. I love the boysenberry jam with scones, and my daughter now wants boysenberry BBQ sauce on everything.

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pattie April 17, 2017 - 7:41 pm

how fun!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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