Sometimes, simple is best.

Sometimes, you get caught up all too quickly when entertaining at home, trying to make sure that everything is perfect, but not really enjoying the moment.

Whether it's preparing elaborate dishes, cleaning your house, or pulling together a fancy table, it can become overwhelming very quickly. If you are having a few girlfriends over though keep it simple, enjoy the moment and be present, instead of spending your time in the kitchen prepping, baking, and cleaning up.

Tips for simple stress-free summer entertaining with Villeroy & Boch

Inspiration can come from the simplest of things. These vibrant salad plates are part of the Lina Cherry collection from Villeroy & Boch.

Lina Cherry … cherries … it doesn't get simpler than that.

Tips for simple stress-free summer entertaining
You don't need to go over the top to make a beautiful table that will impress guests.

Fresh flowers, beautiful dishes, and simple appetizers, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, or an assortment of little cakes from your favorite bakery is all you need for a lovely afternoon with friends.

Tips for simple stress-free summer entertaining with Villeroy & Boch
What are your tips for simple summer entertaining with friends?


Disclosure: I received this lovely collection of Lina Cherry salad plates from Villeroy & Boch.

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