While I'm behind the scenes a little this week working on a few big projects and entertaining the kids who are on spring break, I thought I'd share a few Easter photos with you.

It was a fairly quiet day around here, we don't have any family close by, and even our teen took off to spend the day with his girlfriend, so it was just us and the twins … and our gardener who was installing our new sprinklers.


1. A fun bunny lunch I made for the kids on their last day of school before spring break. | 2. The adorable bunny paper baskets the kids made for their last day of school to collect eggs and treats in. | 3. Hunting for little plastic eggs filled with treats on Easter Sunday morning (while wearing his new pj's from grandma). | 4. Building LEGO they found in their Easter baskets and large vintage-inspired Easter eggs that they found when they woke up. | 5. Easter brunch was yummy individual spinach quiches from Pieography. | 6. The special key we put out for the Easter bunny each year so he can let himself in while we sleep. | 7.  Why yes, we even have a bunny LEGO costume, which was brought out for a special LEGO costume parade. | 8. We decorated sugar cookies to look like adorable baby chicks, and they were pretty tasty too.  | 9. The special Easter LEGO sets Miss M found in her Easter basket.


Disclosure: I was given a copy of Pieography from Where Women Cook.  There are 42 amazing pie recipes. I'm baking my way through them all. 

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