As I'm writing this post the kids are home from school for a week for Thanksgiving break.

I'm about to get real here for a few moments and show you what it's really like being a mum and working from home. You'll see that nothing is perfect around here. There are messes and chaos. And I'm okay with that.

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So yes, there are days that this happens, and that is okay, because he is happy, and it's just mess that can be tidied up – and he has a week to do it so the Christmas tree can be set up in this room.

Holidays bring about their own challenges when you work from home. I am lucky in that I have the luxury of being here day in and day out so the little ones don't have to go to camp or child care, but it doesn't mean I get time off from work … and I work long hours. So juggling work with kids who need your attention, whether it be breaking up fights, preparing food, entertaining them, or ensuring they are getting some kind of balance in their day and not just playing video games is exhausting. Your mind is literally in several places all at once and by the end of the day you feel like you've run a marathon, you've most likely missed a few deadlines, the house has been destroyed and you are trying to decide whether to just sleep and send out a lot of apologies, or pour a glass of wine with a  coffee chaser and work all night. There are occasional days that I wish I had the luxury of dropping them off with their grandparents or dad for a few hours, that I could go on vacation, or simply have a date night, but it's just me (and my love) here 95% of the time. And you know what, I wouldn't change it for the world.

And so in-between signing contracts, editing photographs, scheduling appointments, running the washing machine for the 2nd time in two days because I forgot to move the clothes to the dryer, or re-heating my coffee for the third time, I can pat myself on the back for at least doing this and not just ordering pizza.

Whirlpool Every Day Care #EveryDayCare #ad

Because it's the little things like this that show them I care. That no matter what else I have going on, they will always be my first priority.

There are times of the day that I live for my one-on-one time with them. When they can feel my presence and know that I'm listening to every word and not distracted. My little man loves his early morning snuggles when he first wakes up, and my daughter cherishes our nightly chats on her bed when she can tell me all about things that are weighing on her mind, and share stories from her day.

And I get to nurture their creative sides. There is always time for that. Especially for this little girl.

Whirlpool Every Day Care #EveryDayCare #ad

Today she decided to build a dog house for her stuffed dogs. She asked me if I'd post the finished project on my blog, because then her toy dog can be famous. So there's a tutorial coming up later this week. 

And I get to take a few extra moments to help them with their Christmas wishlists.

Whirlpool Every Day Care #EveryDayCare #ad

And then it's back to juggling, with social media promotions to be scheduled, blog posts to write, crafts or recipes to create, consulting work to do, fighting with insurance companies, errands to run, bills to pay and ensuring that the oldest kid is still alive, eating and looking after himself.

And sometimes those projects don't go so well and need to be repeated.

Whirlpool Every Day Care #EveryDayCare #ad

And then the kids are hungry again, so I set the projects aside and whip up a batch of pumpkin scones for afternoon tea.

Whirlpool Every Day Care #EveryDayCare #ad

And there's the kid (because isn't there always one) who decides he doesn't like scones, and devours the last of the pumpkin pie instead. The pumpkin pie you were secretly hoping you could have for breakfast tomorrow morning, but you don't say anything and let him have it. Because it makes him happy.

And then there's the moment I turn around and realize it's now dark outside, and I haven't photographed what I needed to and therefore missed deadlines. Again.

So I cook dinner and we all eat together, because it's important for us to all connect over a home-cooked meal at the table.

Whirlpool Every Day Care #EveryDayCare #ad

And I get to kiss each of them on the forehead, listen to their nightly stories and tuck them into bed.

And they know how much I care and that no matter what, they will always be my first priority. 


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Xenia December 5, 2014 - 2:31 pm

You have a beautiful life, friend!
Love you!


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