After I posted about my joining The Knitting Pledge at KnitLuck, I received a message from a friend who had just purchased knitting needles and was wanting to learn.  So we arranged to get together today so I could teach her how to knit and our kids could have a play.  What I didn’t know until she arrived was that she can crochet *doing the happy dance*.  So after I taught her how to knit, she taught me how to crochet.   I can’t wait to tackle my first project and she picked up knitting so quickly.  I showed her how to cast-on and cast-off, increase and decrease, knit and purl. 

Picnik collage

I think Ali did a great job and this tiny bit of knitting was all it took before she had the hang of it. 


Marisol was pretty happy with the day too.  She developed a crush on Ryan.  She followed him EVERYWHERE.  If he sat, she sat, if he walked, she walked.  She absolutely loved it when he pushed her on the swing.

Picnik collage1

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Shari Tombs April 10, 2009 - 5:00 pm

Congratulations on fulfilling your pledge. What a great bonus to learn something new too!

Kris April 13, 2009 - 5:00 pm

Tonya, I think that is SO GREAT! I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit! I need to find someone to teach me!


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