To all my Aussie friends and family I hope you all had a wonderful Australia Day. It's amazing how much you miss when you live so far from home, so unlike most of you (seeing as how when I lived there we never really celebrated) I put in a little effort to bring some of my home country to the big 'ole US of A.

We started our day with pancakes shaped like Australia … yes I know, I'm a total dork and I can already hear a bunch of you laughing at me. Not sure if you can tell from the pic but Flynn was going mmmm over and over again, he was really enjoying them.

What else would an Aussie have for lunch but meat pies and sausage rolls. There is a place in San Jose who makes homemade Australian food and they overnight them to me when I need my 'fix' 🙂 This was the babies first time trying a sausage roll and oh my goodness did they devour them, even our little breadatarian (aka Marisol).

In the afternoon we had to drive to Long Beach to pick up a play kitchen for Marisol … shhh, don't tell her, it's going to be a surprise for Easter … anyway, while we were up there we decided to get some fish 'n chips and head down to the beach. Of course just as we pulled up to the beach it decided to rain so we sat in our car and ate and then we drove down the coast nearly all the way home so we could look at all the beautiful lights along the bay. Oh and we got to see the beach and the snow in the same day, how cool is that.

Photo of the snow that we could see on the mountains as we were driving along the freeway near Long Beach

Photos from Bluff Park where we were going to eat on the beach until it started raining

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TUTU Monkey January 26, 2008 - 4:00 pm

Happy Australia Day!! You are so good about posting every day. I enjoy your fun daily happenings. Our friends from Ireland are always making Ireland and shamrock shape pancakes (year round)with green in the pancake mix……you guys would get along great. If they come to visit we will all have to have BREAKFAST together:)

BoufMom9 January 26, 2008 - 4:00 pm

LOL Breadatarian! hahahaha Looks and sounds like a lovely day with the kiddies, rain and all.

bestfamily January 26, 2008 - 4:00 pm

Yep you’re a dork! But I still love ya. Happy Australia Day. BTW…only you would have something shaped like Australia to even make the pancakes with!!! The sausage rolls looked yummy.

Shannon January 27, 2008 - 4:00 pm

Glad you got to celebrate Australia Day…looks like you had a fun outing. Loved the photos 🙂


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