What a way to start the new year. I was doing some photo projects on the computer and Randy was laying on the couch watching Marisol when he says, "hey isn't that Jay in the red shirt on TV". I turn around and sure enough, there was our big boy on TV.

Back in July 2005 he'd filmed two episodes of Jaker's Storyteller Playhouse which is featured at the end of the Piggley Winks episodes … there are several of these storyteller episodes and he's in 2 of them. The two that he appears in feature storytellers Ira Levin (who is a singer) and Jaque Nunez (an Indian Storyteller).
Here are the pics I took of the TV this morning:
If you are interested in any of the Storyteller Playhouse episodes (that Jay is in) they are featured at the end of the Piggley Winks episodes listed below, I think (this is the list PBS gave me) – or you can look out for the dvd's that feature these episodes. One of the DVD's on sale currently that contains a Storyteller episode Jay is in is titled Jakers School Days in Tara.
Ira Levin featured at the end of episodes:
#107 Teacher Creature
#113 Rock Around The Clock
#118 Milk Melodrama
#139 Wish Upon a Star II
Jaque Nunez featured at the end of episodes:
#112 Good Neighbor
#116 Legend of Raloo
#131 Touch of Spain

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BoufMom9 January 1, 2008 - 4:00 pm

How cool! And, he looked so handsome. ( I must say I like the short hair on Jay… but I get why he doesn’t. LOL…boys!)BTW We love that show! I wonder if I have seen the episodes and just didn’t realize it was Jay???? How crazy! We’ll have to watch for him now!!!


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