Lady and the Blog: Jurassic World Volcano Bundt Cakes

by Tonya Staab

When Jurassic World comes out on Blu-Ray and Digital in September 2018 host a movie marathon for family and friends, and don’t forget to serve up these fun mini volcano bundt cakes.

Jay had an obsession with dinosaurs when he was younger. He even wanted to be a paleontologist one day and could name all of the dinosaurs. We saw all of the Jurassic Park movies as they came out, and I took him to a dig site with paleontologists.

A few weeks ago, Flynn woke me up asking if I could rent all of the Jurassic Park movies on Amazon. He’d seen an ad for the new Jurassic World movie and after looking it up discovered there were four others before this one to see. So, we rented them and watched them all before the new one hit movie theaters, and then I took both boys to see it.

If you want to have your own Jurassic World themed movie marathon, the new movie comes out on Blu-Ray and Digital in September, and if you want something a little different than popcorn, then you’ll want to head over to Lady and the Blog where I’m showing you how to make these mini volcano bundt cakes.

These are perfect for a dinosaur themed party too.

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