Project 366 week 4

January 22: Happy Feet Two – The kids wore their potato-stamped penguin shirts to see Happy Feet Two at the movie theatre.

January 23: The Bird Song – While organizing the shelves in my office I was listening to the birds singing in the tree outside the window.  This drove the dog absolutely crazy. So in-between singing, I was forced to listen to barking too.

January 24: After the rain – snails love to come out on rainy days.  I found this one leaving tracks outside the front door as I came home.

January 25: Australia Day – Just because we aren't there doesn't mean we don't celebrate.  Little man wore his special Milo Cricket outfit that he was given for Christmas.

January 26: An Award – A proud mummy moment.  Flynn was given a reading award.  He loves to read.

January 27: National Chocolate Cake Day – and I celebrated wtih a big slice of chocolate cake. It was delicious.

January 28: Yarn and Bread – I met up with a friend at Panera Bread where we chatted, and ate, and worked on our latest knitting projects.  It was a great morning.

Documenting our day.  For 366 days.

Photographs taken with a combination of Camera+ and Instagram iPhone apps.

You can view full-size images and keep up with my Project 366 on Flickr and follow me on Instagram too.

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[email protected] January 29, 2012 - 1:04 pm

Oh that cake…


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