Project 366 Week Ten

March 4: The Lorax Movie – I took the kids to see the movie today (courtesy of Universal) and they absolutely LOVED it.  Although I secretly think I loved it more than they did.

March 5: Dancing – It is a done deal.  She adores her new ballet/tap/jazz class. 

March 6: Inspire – I had completely forgotten that we'd been given a little gift box at the SoCal Lady Bloggers luncheon last weekend.  I opened it this morning to see this beautiful Whitney Howard Designs necklace inside.

March 7: Yoga Barre – I've started taking Yoga Barre classes.  This was my first class.  I still can't beat this chest/asthma illness I've been carrying around forEVER though so the combination of the heated room and constant movement with weights had me leaving halfway through because I couldn't breathe.  I'll be back at it again next week though.

March 8: Kinder Art – I spent the morning cutting out things such as hippo nostrils.

March 9: Lunch Date – Hubby and I went on a lunch date at The Steakhouse at Azul in La Jolla.  The view from our table was beautiful.

March 10: Bowling – We were invited to a bowling birthday party.  The kids love bowling.

Documenting our day.  For 366 days.

Photographs were taken and edited using a combination of Camera+ and Instagram iPhone apps.

You can view full-size images and keep up with my Project 366 on Flickr and follow me on Instagram too.

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