How to host your own Sole Hope shoe cutting party.

One of my favorite activities during the Elevate conference was learning about Sole Hope.  Nat and Micah shared the video of Sole Hope with us and had set up a cutting party outside for us, where we traced, cut fabric, and learned about how these shoes will help prevent jigger infestations in children's feet as well as provide jobs for women in Uganda who have been trained in sewing the shoes.

How to host a Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Park

I love that these shoes are made from recycled materials and scraps of fabric. 

We were provided with scraps, instruction sheets, and permanent markers, and were asked to bring pinking shears or fabric scissors with us to the conference for cutting.

Recycled materials for Sole Hope shoe cutting parties
Pinking shears are perfect for fabric that might fray.

Sole Hope shoe cutting party
Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party
Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party
Host your own Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party, you can order party kits from Sole Hope.  Please watch the video, it's very moving and you will see just how much these shoes are needed.


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