A while ago I was browsing Pinterest and came across a great idea to use magnet strips for knives to store toy cars.  Of course I raced out to Ikea, purchased half a dozen magnet strips and returned home only to find that this won't work on the kinds of cars our kids are playing with these days because they aren't metal underneath. I guess you need vintage cars for this project.

Then the magnet strips I purchased wound up in a box in the garage, and my husband reminded every now and then that I never ended up doing anything with them.  

This past weekend we started organizing the garage in preparation for building a large LEGO table and LEGO storage area for the kids.   I came across the magnet strips and decided they would be perfect to use in our bathroom cabinets for small items such as our nail clippers and tweezers.  You know, the little items that you go to use and discover they have mysteriously disappeared, and nobody seems to know where they are, or who used them last.

bathroom organization

bathroom ideas
Now all three bathroom cabinets have these magnetic strips installed.  Hopefully tomorrow my nail clippers will be where I left them.

Oh and speaking of bathrooms.  Look at this fabulous thrift store find I purchased a while ago.

Soap and towel rack
It was $11.95 well spent.   I decided to use it in the kids bathroom.

Their space looks so much better now.

Bathroom makeover
It will look even better once I finish remodeling it.

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Danielle March 1, 2013 - 3:03 pm

Love this idea! We’re remodeling our master bath and I’m looking for great storage tips.

Joel Griffith December 10, 2014 - 5:28 pm

What a cool idea! Awesome for space saving 🙂


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