It's not often that we enjoy a date night, one that is out of the house that is.

I don't have babysitters lined up, or family within driving distance. In fact, aside from when we've been in Australia, the little ones have never stayed with anyone other than their big brother, their dad, or us. They are also with us 95% of the time, so it makes date nights near impossible, which means that we often have date nights (or date days) at home. These normally happen when the kids are upstairs in the loft playing video games, watching a movie, or are tucked up in bed for the night.

Date Night At Home: Tips for food trays for the perfect date night at home. #DiscoverBrookside #ad

It's important for us to set aside a few hours as often as possible that is just for us, to spend quality time connecting. We light a fire, grab a blanket, and watch some of our favorite television shows, or a movie, and enjoy indulgent snacks that we know the kids won't steal from us.

Before living together, a lot of our dates consisted of picnics at the beach or a park, or date nights at home with platters of food and a movie, and I've loved keeping that tradition going.

We like to mix up the food we enjoy on our dates, sometimes it will be brunch, other times it will be a cheese platter or snacks.

Here are a few suggestions for the perfect date night food tray:

Date Night At Home: Tips for food trays for the perfect date night at home.

  • Assorted cheese – here I've put out goat cheese, a garlic and herb asiago and brie
  • Prosciutto
  • Crackers
  • BROOKSIDE Crunchy Clusters

And to drink, my favorite is Wilson Creek Almond Champagne. On one of our rare date days out of the house, we went to the Wilson Creek Winery for Sunday brunch. That day will always hold such fond memories for me, so I like to revisit those by the occasional indulgence in the champagne we enjoyed there.

Date Night At Home: Tips for food trays for the perfect date night at home.

Here are more items I like to mix and match on our cheese platters:

  • Ginger snaps and blue cheese
  • Fresh fruit – such as grapes, berries and figs
  • Dried fruit
  • Hot pastry appetizer
  • Nuts
  • Almond cookies
  • Dips and bread sticks

The most important thing is to not keep it exactly the same each time, but to occasionally mix it up, otherwise it can become mundane. Remember though to add something sweet such as the BROOKSIDE Crunchy Clusters (which have the crispy multigrains, fruit flavored centers and smooth dark chocolate), and also include an item that has fond memories attached to it, such as my love for the Wilson Creek Almond Champagne.

Date Night At Home: Tips for food trays for the perfect date night at home.

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