Tips For Preparing Your Backyard For Summer

by Tonya Staab
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From kids playing outdoors, to summer entertaining and backyard barbecues, follow these tips to prepare your backyard for summer fun.

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The weather in Southern California is great year-round and although we spend quite a bit of time outdoors throughout the year, in summer, especially over the long summer vacation from school, I find myself sending the kids outside to play even more than normal. It’s important for them to turn off the video games, get away from the screens, listen to the birds chirping, watch the lizards scurrying away, and breathe in the fresh air.

Preparing before summer vacation … before neighborhood kids start scaling the fence, backyard barbecues with friends, neighbors and family consume every weekend, and guests pop over unannounced … is essential.

Here are some simple tips to get you organized and prepared for the long summer vacation and provide a little Every day, care™ for your family at the same time.

Preparing Your Lawn & Garden For Summer

It’s important to keep the yard cared for, not only for aesthetic reasons, but you also don’t want the kids running around in grass up to their knees, trash left out that attracts flies and bugs, and dog waste all over the yard that they could step in. This not only teaches children to care about their surroundings and their home, but also that you care about their well-being.

a purple flower with green hedges in the background

  • mow lawns and tidy edges
  • weed garden beds
  • prune plants and shape hedges
  • pick up after the pets
  • pots of succulents and cactus make for quick and easy outdoor decor and are very low maintenance
  • pots of lavender by doors should help keep the flies outside
  • build or buy an outdoor fire pit for outdoor movie nights and backyard campouts
  • sweep patios and pressure wash if necessary

a white and brown labradoodle playing on grass

Preparing Your Backyard for Kids

Plan activities for the kids to do outside so they want to spend time out there, especially if you live in a residential neighborhood with a fairly basic backyard (like we do) where the kids can’t go off exploring and climbing trees.

a boy kicking a soccer ball in the backyard

  • put air in bike tires and check that helmets and safety gear are all accounted for
  • make sure soccer balls, basketball balls and footballs are all pumped up and any backyard gear needed is accessible to the kids
  • make a homemade bubble solution that’s ready anytime the kids need it.
  • stock up on sunscreen and after-sun lotion
  • check that the kids sunhats still fit them
  • other activity ideas: shaving cream fight, water balloons, DIY ring toss, hula-hooping contest to music

Preparing Your Backyard For Home Entertaining

There’s nothing quite like guests popping over, or spontaneous neighborhood get-togethers, to make you realize how unprepared you are. So prepare early and don’t be caught off-guard.

items on an outdoor table for entertaining

  • Check picnic and barbecue supplies – refill salt and pepper dispensers and napkin holders, and ensure you have all of the essential condiments on hand for backyard barbecues
  • Clean off the outdoor furniture and wash picnic blankets
  • Fix tears or replace cushions on outdoor seating
  • Stock up on mosquito repellent candles
  • Hang lights under patios and put solar lights in the garden beds – particularly around stairs and walkways
  • If you use gas tanks for your grill ensure they are full or replace if necessary

burgers on the grill

What is your summer preparation routine? How do you show Every day, care™ for your family, pets and friends over summer vacation?

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Cheryl Lage June 25, 2015 - 4:46 pm

How I love all the imagery you use to evoke that perfect summer feel!

Hope you and yours are well….ENJOY!


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