Gluten-Free Treats for Kids from ALDI

by Tonya Staab

Make these delicious pancakes and a gluten-free free version of McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry with these delicious liveGfree products available at ALDI.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ALDI as part of Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

It was just last year that I found out one of my kids needed to be on a gluten-free diet. After five long years of what felt like never-ending appointments with allergists, pediatricians, gastroenterologists, and then conducting my own food elimination diet at home, I finally discovered that his body couldn’t process gluten.

Ever since then it’s been a matter of trial and error when it comes to changing his diet to a gluten-free one.

So when I was recently asked to check out the new ALDI store in my area  I jumped at the chance. I had shopped quite a lot at ALDI when I visited my family in Australia so was already familiar with the store and what they carried. So of course I naturally zoned in on the ALDI-exclusive liveGfree® brand.

Gluten-Free Pancakes With Banana

Pancake mix is one of those things where I hadn’t found anything that tasted similar to regular pancake mix, up until now. As I mentioned above I haven’t perfect my own homemade version, but have tried almost every store-bought packaged brand available. Most of them have tasted grainy, or left a weird taste, but all of my kids (and myself) absolutely loved the liveGfree® Gluten Free Baking Mix brand for pancakes. I ended up making the entire box and freezing some for a couple of weekday mornings.

How To Freeze Pancakes

Tip: Lay pancakes on parchment paper on a baking tray and freeze. Once frozen, tear the parchment paper from under the pancakes and stack them on top of each other in a container before popping them back into the freezer – so ensuring that there is parchment paper between each pancake. This prevents them from sticking to one another.

Gluten-Free Copycat Oreo McFlurry

A couple of months ago he was allowed to have an Oreo McFlurry during a trip to McDonald’s when he wasn’t with me. Of course I ended up being the ‘mean parent’ because after dealing with how it affected him I wouldn’t allow him to have them again. To make it up to him though I promised to make a version at home that he could have during the summer as a special treat. 

The liveGfree® Gluten Free Chocolate Crème Sandwich Cookies  were perfect to make this for him and he said it was way better than the original one he’d tried, so we have a winning summer dessert treat now.

All you need to make this is:

  • 2 cups of Belmont Vanilla Ice-Cream
  • 2 tbs tbs Friendly Farms Milk (I used reduced-fat)
  • 10 liveGfree® Gluten Free Chocolate Crème Sandwich Cookies

Allow the ice-cream to soften just a little then scoop into a bowl.  While the ice-cream is softening, pop the cookies into a bag and crush them with a rolling pin.

Combine the ice-cream, milk and about 8 of the crushed cookies in a bowl. Don’t over-mix though or the ice-cream will turn to liquid.

Spoon into glasses, and then top with the remaining crushed cookies.

About Shopping At ALDI

As you can see the prices for the liveGfree® brand are great too.

We have also tried the liveGfree® Gluten Free Rice Pasta and Cheddar and the kids absolutely loved it.

I’ll be back next week sharing a simple weeknight dinner using the liveGfree® pasta and fresh produce from the ALDI store.

If you haven’t checked out ALDI yet, then here’s a little about them.

ALDI has a different style when it comes to grocery shopping in all the right ways. Shoppers will find that by shopping at this easy-to-shop food market, they can save up to 50%* on their grocery bills with high quality products at everyday low prices.

*Based upon a price comparison of comparable products sold at leading national retail grocery stores.

Ninety percent of the groceries ALDI sells are under its own ALDI-exclusive brands, which are regularly tested to make sure they taste just as good, if not better, than the national brand. 

ALDI offers its SimplyNature® line which includes USDA Certified organic and Non-GMO verified items, liveGfree® gluten-free products, USDA Choice meats and NeverAny! products that are free from added antibiotics, hormones and animal by-products.

ALDI has opened 25 stores in the Southern California area by July 2016.

For more information visit them here:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Blog

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