It rained last weekend.  It rained a lot.  There was no possible way we were going to stay cooped up indoors, so we put our membership to Legoland to good use and spent a few hours at the Sea Life Aquarium.  The perfect indoor rainy day activity.

What could be better than learning about sea life and playing with LEGO®.

Sealife aquarium carlsbad


They especially loved the walk through ocean tunnel where you can view fish, sharks, and stingray gliding above you and alongside you as you move through.

Sea Life Aquarium Carlsbad


There is so much for the kids to see and do, including glass domes that they can pop up inside and watch the fish swimming all around them, there's a slide between tanks, LEGO® inside the tanks, feedings, as well as an interactive area that includes LEGO® castle building, a puppet show, touch tank, as well as arts and crafts during special events.


Sea life aquarium california

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