On Friday our County Fair showed their appreciation to the military by offering free admission and less than half price ride bands.  Randy spent the morning getting his brown belt qualifications (a big congratulations) and then off we went. 

It was a perfect day.  There were no lines for the rides, there were tables to eat lunch, we bumped into lots of friends and the kids had a fabulous time.  Unfortunately Jay was at school and wasn't able to come with us, but we dropped him off later that evening (when the crowds had arrived) so he could have fun at the fair with his friends.

butterfly face paint

Monterey County Fair

Pony rides at the fair

A few of the happiest moments:

  • Marisol being transformed into a beautiful butterfly
  • Flynn being big enough to go on the motorbike ride
  • The look on Marisol's face when she was riding a pony
  • Enjoying a little spinach and artichoke taste testing
  • Wine tasting
  • Flynn watching the BMX riders doing stunts

The not-so-happy moments

  • Losing Flynn for a few minutes as he buzzed between rides
  • Having to leave the fair
  • Marisol getting stuck at the top of the baby ferris wheel when it lost power

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Barbara Manatee September 5, 2010 - 6:36 pm

LOVE Marisol’s face painting! so beautiful!! That slide looks fun, too (that Flynn is on).

Wine tasting? at the county fair? Your county fair must be much more civilized than ours! ha!


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