Grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs at home. Have the kids help care for them, pick them and wash them. If you cannot grow these at your home, take them to organic farms to pick their own. Teach them the names of the different fruits and vegetables along the way and how they are grown.

  • Get your children into the kitchen. Teach them how to prepare dishes. Younger children can start with washing fruit and vegetables, rolling meatballs, making sandwiches, cracking eggs, mixing, pouring, and measuring.
  • If possible prepare school lunches and snacks at home. Unfortunately too few schools offer healthy choices. Whole wheat sandwiches with cheese, fruit, granola bars, applesauce, and water bottles are favorites with our children.
  • Take your children grocery shopping with you. Have them put fruit and veggies into re-usable bags and if scales are available weigh it. Involve them in the meal planning process. Incorporate some of their favorite dishes along with a new ingredient or a new dish for them to try.
  • Make homemade trail mix, cut fruit, and prepare snacks into small individual tubs. Place them within easy reach for the kids (whether it be in the refrigerator or pantry) so they can help themselves to healthy snacks when they are hungry.

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