A Dead and Breakfast Inn Halloween Mantel

by Tonya Staab
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This Dead and Breakfast Inn Halloween mantel is the perfect way to welcome guests to your home. Don’t forget the tea and spider egg donuts.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Oriental Trading Company.

It’s never too early to start putting up Halloween decorations. I think if Mike had his way we’d have Halloween decorations up year-round.

dead and breakfast inn halloween mantel
Dead and Breakfast Inn Halloween mantel.

We haven’t gotten around to decorating outside yet, but I have decorated the mantel. This year we’ve gone with a Dead and Breakfast Inn theme, complete with donuts. You know how much I love donuts!

A fire-breathing dragon ‘skeleton’ to start a fire is the perfect addition to this fun Halloween theme. He’ll keep you warm and cozy if it’s a cool morning.

Dead and Breakfast Halloween

What You Need

These items are available from Oriental Trading:

  • Jumbo Stuffed Spider with Light-Up Eyes Halloween Decoration
  • Dragon Skeleton
  • Vintage Throw Pillows
  • Natural Creepy Cloth Halloween Decoration
  • Gothic Dead & Breakfast Sign
  • Feathered Black Vulture
  • Eyeball Orbs Halloween Decorations
  • Black Metal Lanterns
  • Scary Spiders Halloween Decorations
  • Individual Rat Halloween Decoration

I already had these items at home, but you can order similar items from Oriental Trading too.

  • Life-Size Posable Skeleton
  • Pretty Possessed Print Halloween Decor
  • Small Skull Resin Cranium Halloween Decoration – use a can of black glitter spray paint
A Dead and Breakfast Inn Halloween sign from Oriental Trading.
Dead and Breakfast Inn sign.

My favorite addition to our Dead and Breakfast Inn is the antique teapot that belonged to my grandmother. On one of her trays, I added teacups and ‘spider egg’ donuts for brunch.

Halloween brunch idea including spider donuts and tea.
Halloween brunch with spider egg donuts.
White powdered donut holes with plastic spiders on them.
Spider egg donuts.
A life size skeleton serving brunch for Halloween.
A skeleton serving tea and brunch for Halloween.
a dragon skeleton for Halloween.
A dragon skeleton for Halloween.

What is your Halloween theme going to be this year? Do you keep the same theme each year or change it?

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Dead and Breakfast Inn Pinterest image.

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