What you will need:

Assorted milkshake or regular plastic cups

Clear cellophane (cut into squares approx 12×12")


Your favorite candy

Baskin-Robbins candy can by purchased from: Wal*Mart, Target, Walgreens, Dollar Tree,,, Michaels Craft Stores and grocery stores.

How to make:

  1. Place candy into the center of a cellophane square. Gather up all of the sides and tie with a ribbon.
  2. Turn the bag of candy upside down and place it inside the cup
  3. Tie a ribbon onto the cup
  4. Viola a party favor that will be loved by kids of all ages.

Things to remember:

Match the candy to the party theme. I used Baskin Robbins candy in the photograph for an icecream party.

Don't forget if you have little ones attending to use soft chewable candy, we don't want them choking on hard candy.

If your party is outdoors beware that chocolate may melt and sticky candy may stick together in a clump so I recommend using individually packaged candy or soft jellies in these situations.

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