Getting Creative With Date Ideas At Home

by Tonya Staab
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Having date night in doesn’t have to be the same thing of dinner and a movie, get creative with a date night at home with these ideas. 

Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post, and I did receive a couple of these boxes to try at home for our own date nights.

One thing I’ve realized over the years is that I need less stuff. Fewer gifts that clutter up the home, fewer possessions … just less.

What I want are more experiences.

For the past few years, I’ve updated my bucket list with things I want to see, do, and experience. Granted, I’m yet to actually accomplish everything on the list each year, but it’s there as a constant reminder that there is so much I still want to experience.

When my boyfriend and I were discussing Christmas gifts it became a bit of a ‘thing’. He’d ask me for a list, I’d refuse to give it … I asked him for a list, he’d tell me he’d give me one once I gave him mine. And so it went on. For weeks. We would laugh about it and then change the subject, but it was still there, hovering over us. I continued telling him that I didn’t want things. I just want him to be here, I want to go on an adventure, or do something we would both enjoy. Together. That’s what would make me happy. Of course, that’s what would make him happy too. And so even though I did end up putting a wish list together, he read over my bucket list and realized we had a lot of the same things we wanted to do. And so it was decided that instead of buying gifts (that we didn’t really need), we would start crossing off items on our bucket lists. Together. We would carve out time to make an Italian dinner from scratch – roasting the garlic, making the pasta, sipping wine. Together. Because that’s something on his list. And then we discussed visiting a lavender farm, and tapping maple trees, and when the best time to do those are because they are on my list.

While he was here visiting recently, we went to a local Christmas tree farm, he helped Flynn cut down a Christmas tree, and while the kids decorated it at home, we turned the popcorn maker on, made Moscow Mules with candied ginger (thanks to Thoughtfully) and watched Christmas movies, curled up on the couch while listening to the afternoon rain. And it was perfect. Once our movie was over we popped on boots and beanies, and moved outside to the bench to talk while we watched the rain. And we decided we needed to do more things like that at home together. Whether it be cooking together, themed movie nights, games, or fun activities, we just need more.

And so, if you are looking for some fun date ideas that you can do at home, especially for over the winter when it’s cold outside, I’ve rounded up a few here that I think you will just love.

Date Night Ideas At Home

Moscow’s Finest: Moscow Mule Lover’s Set – all you need to add is your favorite Vodka and fresh lime.

Cheers to Art: A Wine Lover’s Gift Set – just add wine

Breakfast in Bed: A Breakfast In Bed Gift Set – make coffee, squeeze fresh juice, and whip up the pancakes according to the directions, and serve with fresh fruit.

Crated with Love: Sunrise and Sparks – enjoy while watching the sunrise

Date Night Box: Our Special Goals Prosperity Pig  – perfect for completing together on New Year’s Eve

Dinner and Wine: Hedges Family Estate Date Night Gift Set – make a delicious meal together and enjoy over a glass of wine

Do you have any other ideas for fun dates at home? I’d love to hear about them.

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