Fantastic Four Family Movie Night

by Tonya Staab
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Ready for a FANTASTIC movie night? Settle in for a night of the Fantastic Four with this fun, and delicious, Fantastic Four popcorn mix.

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We LOVE family movie nights. And family movie days. And trips to the drive-in movie theater.

I think it’s more about the bonding, spending time together, and sharing moments curled up in pajamas, popcorn in hand, watching a movie that we are all interested in that I love the most.

Fantastic Four is now out in theaters.

Buy any 3 Pop-Secret items at Walmart between 7/31 – 8/31 and get a FREE ticket to the Fantastic Four movie (up to $5) *while supplies last.

Before seeing the movie introduce your kids to the Fantastic Four by reading some of the classic comic books or watching the 2005 version of the movie while enjoying a fun Fantastic Four themed popcorn treat together.

a fantastic 4 movie night table with popcorn and lighted signs

Who Are The Fantastic Four Superheroes?

  • Mister Fantastic – who can stretch his body
  • The Invisible Woman – who can make herself invisible
  • The Human Torch – who can fly and generate flames
  • Thing – who has stone-like flesh and superhuman strength

And now that you know who the Fantastic Four are, you will understand how I made this fun Fantastic Four Popcorn Mix.

popcorn mix with candy inspired by the fantastic 4

Fantastic Four Popcorn Mix

  • Blue string candy – for Mister Fantastic
  • Cream soda jelly beans (or use a clear hard candy) – The Invisible Woman
  • Chicken feet candy (or use any other red, yellow or orange candy) – The Human Torch
  • Chocolate rocks – Thing
popcorn mix with candy in blue bags with the top rolled down inspired by the fantastic four

And of course it wouldn’t be a popcorn mix without popcorn. For this mix I used Pop Secret Movie Theatre Butter popcorn that I picked up at Walmart. 

Pop Secret microwave popcorn bag

If you want to make the banner I hung above the popcorn this is what you need:

Print out the letters, cut them out, and trace around them onto the card stock.

Cut out the glitter letters and attach them to the twine using glue.

printable fantastic four word banner on a blue background with lighted arrow

Enjoy your family time with the kids.

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