Visiting The Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary

by Tonya Staab
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Take the kids to feed koi and visit the beautiful birds at the Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary in Del Mar California.

We have walked past this sanctuary before. We had even driven past on numerous occasions and didn’t realize it was there until I searched online for things to do in that area.

A green parrot at the free flight exotic bird sanctuary in Del Mar.

About Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary

This non-profit organization is not only an exotic bird sanctuary, who save and rehabilitates exotic birds, but it is a great place for bird lovers to learn more about these exotic birds. On occasion, they will consider finding forever homes for some of the birds, while others are permanent residents.

What you can do there

a cockatoo and kids feeding koi at the free flight exotic bird sanctuary in del mar california

Visitors can feed the birds and koi (for a small fee). I recommend if you are taking kids, get there early if you are wanting to feed them. Obviously, with a lot of hands wanting to feed the birds they get full quite quickly and will push the container away when they don’t want any more.  I wish I had their willpower some days.

a boy feeding koi

Some of the birds will talk to you, while others are a little grouchy. The lovely lady who works there will tell you which ones you can feed and get close to. This is especially important for little ones who may think all of the birds are friendly.

colorful parrots at the free flight exotic bird sanctuary

If the koi could leap out of the water and take the food out of your hands, they probably would. They never seemed to get full.

koi coming out of a pond to be fed

There is a small fee to enter Free Flight. From memory, it was $5 for adults and $2 for children. It is also 25 cents for a scoop of food for the koi and the same for a scoop of fruit and vegetables for the birds.

Free Flight are open from 10am-4pm Monday through Sunday, except on Wednesday when they close at 2pm.

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Heather - Chickabug August 13, 2013 - 12:39 pm

Such beautiful animals! These photos are gorgeous! : )


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