But we didn't catch a thing.  Twice.

Jay had a great time trying though.

The first attempt was at Mordialloc Pier, it was cold and windy, so the boys didn't last long.  Thank goodness for a playground by the beach to entertain the littles (it was too cold to play by the water) and they'd had enough of staring at fishing rods and trying to peer through the cracks on the pier. 


Mordialloc Pier

Mordialloc fishing


I ended up taking the little ones to a playground by the beach.  It was the first playground we've been to (and we've been to a lot) that had a zip-line that was the perfect height for the twins to do on their own.

Attempt number two, my dad and Jay decided to try a fishing spot a little closer to home.  The closest they came to catching anything was seeing a fish jumping out of the water downstream.  The day was not a complete loss though, we met up with them so the kids could play in the river.


Doon Reserve Caravan Park

Marisol collage


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Mandy January 8, 2011 - 2:45 pm

Hi there,

I love your photos, especially the ones from melb city yesterday. What do you do to edit these photos to get such great colour? I’d love to achieve that style.


ethelmaepotter January 9, 2011 - 6:09 am

Oh my goodness, where’ve you been? I’ve missed your fabulous photos so much!

Tonya Staab January 11, 2011 - 10:08 am

Thank you.  I was in Australia for a month on vacation visiting family and friends, we only just returned yesterday.  It was a fantastic trip.

Tonya Staab January 11, 2011 - 10:11 am

Thank you Mandy.  I use Picnik.com to edit all of my photos.  I'm gradually learning Photoshop, but it's taking time (which I have little of).  So after fixing up the sharpness and exposure of the image I then used the 'Cross Process' effect which can be found under 'Create – Effects'


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