Holly cupcakes
Remember when I made the ice cream cake for Jay's birthday?  Well there was a little leftover cake mix so I filled a few silicone baking cups and made cupcakes to decorate with the little ones.

We also had leftover candy from decorating the gingerbread house, and with a constant supply of icing in our refrigerator I decided we should try decorating our cupcakes with holly leaves.  I found a large box of Christmas cookie cutters in the garage that I'd purchased after last Christmas on clearance and by chance there was a holly leaf cutter in there so I popped out to the craft store and purchased a sheet of Wilton edible decorating paper.  I thought I would be able to us cut the paper with the cookie cutter, but that wasn't possible so I used my X-ACTO knife to trace around the cookie cutter to make the holly leaves instead. 

Christmas cupcakes

How to make holly cupcakes

You can find the cupcake recipe here.

UPDATE: The things you learn.  If you leave the sheet of edible paper out of the package for a while it does soften so you will be able to use the cookie cutter.  To make the leaves stand up place them lower toward the front of the icing and press the base into the icing slightly.

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Dana@bluepromocode December 2, 2012 - 10:57 am

These cupcakes look cute and I hope you all enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing the pictures. You got quite a few cupcakes with the leftover cake mix.

I didn’t even know that edible decorating paper existed. I usually make all the decorations for anything I am baking completely from scratch. Believe it or not, you’re the first person I’ve seen use that kind of product.

I am glad that you were able to find an easier way to cut the shapes. Using the knife would have definitely been more tedious and it wouldn’t make sense to struggle with those for a large batch.

Bev February 13, 2013 - 11:27 pm

wow they look great and really festive. May have to try doing some of these next christmas.


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