Sauder Square Organizer Shelving For Your Home

by Tonya Staab
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Looking for quality square organizer shelving for your home? Learn how to incorporate the Sauder square organizer into your space.

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Our house has very little storage and shelving. The kitchen and laundry have plenty, but the family room, living room, loft, and dining room, it’s just walls and windows.

I was recently asked if I’d like to customize a piece of furniture from Sauder for their new lookbook. I immediately knew that I would focus on shelving and storage. Thankfully one of the items they were including was a square organizer, which I thought would be perfect along one of the walls by our entrance. When I received two of them that was even better.

stacked square shelving in a home

I like to add a little of my own style throughout the house as much as I can. So, I decided to customize the shelves using wrapping paper and Mod Podge to add design to the center squares.

square shelf with a black and white print backing

I envisioned that this space would primarily hold some of my books, which were still in boxes in the garage. I also wanted to add photographs and a few personal items too that I previously had nowhere to display. Items like the wood kookaburra (pictured below) that was hand-carved by my dad.

square shelving with books, frames, and a plant

I still need to find baskets to put into the lower sections to put my books in, but for now, I at least have somewhere to store them. They’ll just gather dog hair until the baskets are in there.

I’m finally pulling frames and knickknacks out of the garage to display.

square shelving with wood letters

You can find the tutorial for making the decorative wooden letter here.

styled square shelving in a home

I absolutely love this space. Now if only I didn’t have to constantly remind others in the house that it is there as they throw dog balls from room to room for the dogs to chase.

About Sauder

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