How To Make A Simple Ice Cream Freakcake

by Tonya Staab
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These simple tips will have you making an epic ice cream freakcake for all your summer parties.

Disclosure: I partnered with I Love Ice Cream Cake to create this fun freakcake

Have you all seen the latest craze of freakshakes and freakcakes? They are taking all of our favorite treats to an epic new level.

Of course being the sweet-tooth that I am I can’t help but jump on this bandwagon. There’s not many trends I will follow, but when it comes to food, you can bet that I’ll try just about anything at least once … twice though for good measure.

The best part is, you don’t need any special skills to make a freakcake or freakshake, just lots of your favorite toppings. So, I’m going to show you how to make a super easy ice cream freakcake using a store-bought ice-cream cake.

The ice cream cake I used was a ‘happy birthday’ Carvel® ice cream cake. I liked that it was a little taller than the other cakes and had the fun blue frosting and sprinkles on it.

Let your imagination run wild with decorating but this is what I used and it took about 5 minutes to decorate.

  • store-bought red icing in a tub
  • assorted candy
  • cotton candy
  • kettlecorn
  • caramel apple

Take the foil off the top of the icing tub and pop it into the microwave on 20 second intervals until you can pour it, and then pour some into a squeeze bottle. This makes it easier to make it look like the icing is dripping over the side of the cake.

Cut the stick for the large lollipop by about 3 inches with a knife, here’s why:

  • I didn’t want it sticking too high out of the cake.
  • I used the cut portion to insert inside the cake to place the caramel apple on. When cake softens (or more importantly if you use a regular cake not an ice cream cake), heavy objects will sink and make the cake crack. Putting a brace underneath them like a wood dowel will stop that from happening.

Now go crazy decorating. I popped in a variety of candy, and then used the icing already on the cake to stick cotton candy and kettlecorn to the top and sides.

And most importantly, enjoy!

I Love Ice Cream Cakes showcases delicious frozen ice cream cakes for all occasions and summertime celebrations, available in grocery stores in the bakery or freezer section nationwide – and with July being National Ice Cream Month, and summer break, what better time to enjoy one … or more.

The Ice Cream Cakes come in many different styles and sizes, including original Carvel®, Jon Donaire® and OREO®

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love it love it so super fun and perfect for any sweet lover
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