Disney's latest movie Maleficent, starring the stunning Angelina Jolie, is screening in theaters beginning today. I had a chance to attend a local media screening a couple of days ago and I have to say it's a magnificent film.

I'm going to share my thoughts below for those wanting to see it, but fun first, I've got some free activity sheets and scene makers for you to download and print for the kids, just click on the links below the image.

Maleficent Activity Sheets and Scene Makers for kids. #Disney #Maleficent #FreePrintables
Maleficent Activity Sheets

Maleficent Scene Maker


Essentially the story is told from the perspective of Sleeping Beauty's iconic villian, Maleficent. So if you haven't seen Sleeping Beauty yet, then do so beforehand. It's not essential, but I think it helps to understand the background.

I've had a few parents ask me whether the movie is suitable for their children. I didn't take my little ones (who are 7). Although I'm sure Flynn would have sat through it quite happily (dark films don't seem to scare him), I watched the trailers ahead of time with Marisol and she determined that she would find it too scary. There were of course parts of the film that I'm sure she would absolutely love, especially the scenes in the moors that Maleficent presides over, but the battles and other scenes (which I don't want to spoil for you) that are sad or violent I think she would prefer to watch curled up on a couch with a pillow to hide behind with one eye peeking out over the top, and without the added 3D effects they have in the theater – after all, that's how she watched the entire Harry Potter series. The film is rated PG, however I would recommend viewing for ages 10 and up, but again, it depends on your child. Have them watch the trailers first.

View trailers and get more information about Maleficent here:

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Disclosure: I was invited to attend a media screening of Maleficent.

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