Visiting Masons Falls in Kinglake National Park

by Tonya Staab
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Want to get out into nature in Victoria? Head to Kinglake National Park with the kids and take the 1.4-kilometer round-trip trail to Masons Falls.

About 65 kms north-east of Melbourne is the Kinglake National Park. Well worth a drive if you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the CBD and get into nature.

waterfall at kinglake national park in victoria australia

We headed to Masons Falls where there are about 13 kilometers of trails to walk, however, we just wandered along the path (about 1.4-kilometer round trip) from the picnic area to the viewing platform at the waterfall. You might get lucky and spot a lyrebird or two, unfortunately, we didn’t despite looking hard, although we did hear them. A wallaby hopped across the path in front of us though which thrilled the kids (okay, and me).

kids walking on a trail in kinglake national park australia
view through trees of kinglake national park in australia
kids on an overlook looking at masons falls in kinglake national park
the forest, rocks, and trees in kinglake national park
masons falls kinglake national park in victoria australia
water cascading over rocks at masons falls in kinglake national park victoria australia
a small waterfall in kinglake national park

And just because I found this absolutely spectacular, look at the sap on these trees, which are still showing signs of the Black Saturday bushfires that swept through the area in 2009.

red sap coming out of a burned tree in kinglake national park
red sap and the shell of a beetle on a burned tree in Kinglake National Park

You can get more information about Masons Falls and Kinglake National Park on the Parks Victoria website.

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