Make this Minecraft Lunchbox for Kids

by Tonya Staab
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This Minecraft lunchbox containing links for printables you can use is a fun way to celebrate your child’s birthday with their favorite video game.

Last week Marisol and Flynn turned 8. They wrote rather lengthy lists of what they desperately wanted for their birthday, one thing being a Minecraft birthday party. Unfortunately, I failed miserably at putting that together.

I did want to put together a few fun Minecraft surprises for them though. The first thing was a special Minecraft themed lunch.

Minecraft lunch box idea for kids

As you can see I made two slightly different versions with the help of a few free printables I found on-line.

Juice Box Creeper

Remove the straw from the juice box, wrap a piece of green paper around sealing the back with a little Elmer’s school glue. Using a Sharpie, draw on the Creeper face. Don’t forget to put the straw into the lunch box.

Tip: If you chilled your juice box overnight, wipe over it with a clean cloth before wrapping the paper around so the moisture doesn’t run through the paper.


Small chocolates wrapped in gold paper that I picked up at Party City.

Minecraft boy and girl

I found a free BE MINEcraft Valentine’s Day Sweethearts Printable over at Chica Circle. It just needed to be resized to fit a raisin box. I trimmed off the wrap-around sections because I didn’t want the Valentine’s Day message, and instead glued the main front piece to the packet of raisins.

Carrots and apples

Catch My Party has a fantastic collection of free Minecraft Party Printables available for download. I printed out a sheet with the carrots and apples and folded them over the top of store-bought packets of carrots and apple slices.


You need two cheese sticks and two slices of ham. Cut each in half. Wrap half a slice of ham around half a cheese stick. Put a little cling wrap around the middle and then cover with a free Minecraft Candy Wrapper Printable from Two Magical Moms.


Rice Krispie Treats cut in half. Done!

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The Crafter February 12, 2018 - 4:02 am

Thanks for the post, I was looking for some food ideas for a birthday party, and some of your lunk content have inspired me.


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