Parenting Through The Bumps, Bruises, and Owies.

by Tonya Staab
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Kids are active, but CURAD is here to help navigate the bumps, bruises, and owies that happen along the way.

Disclosure: I’m sharing CURAD® in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™ #CURAD #SoothePlus

I’ve just returned from my twins’ elementary school walk of honor. This next week (their final week of elementary school), is sure to just fly by. We’ll be heading to a theme park for their final celebration, and there will be a graduation ceremony, and a class party to finish off the week.

I cannot believe this will be my last year as a parent of elementary-aged children. My oldest is in college now, and these two will be venturing into middle school after summer vacation. I’m bracing myself for the bumps and bruises that are sure to occur along the way as we navigate this new phase. I’ve been there before, I guess that’s a good thing because I know a little of what to expect … just times it all by two.

Photo by Mandy See Photography

I’ve been navigating the waters of preparing my kids for the teenage years, talking about hormones, and the changes they are about to experience, giving them more independence with cell phones, and allowing them to walk to a friends house, as long as that friend only lives a few houses away. Which is crazy really because I grew up on a 30-acre farm. I would have to run through that farm and cross a road to get to my best friend’s house when I was their age. We would ride bikes along lonely dirt paths, and take the bus to and from school if our parents were working. These days though I feel like my heart may leap out of my chest at the thought of them not being within sight.

Yesterday as we walked home from school my son needed to go to the bathroom so decided to run home, of course I picked up my pace, while my daughter lagged behind, and I was torn between letting him run that last block and a half where he’d have to cross 2 small back streets so that I could walk with her. So I ended up somewhere in-between them, only slowing down after I saw him cross that last street safely. What if he fell, or a car came out of nowhere, or he didn’t pay attention … so many what-if’s wander into my mind all day every day. When you’re a parent it’s hard to turn off the constant thoughts and worries.

And my kids are active, which means there are always accidents, bumps, bruises, and owies that need to be tended to.  Between martial arts, aikido, roller skating, horse riding, and our regular trips to theme parks, lakes, the beach, and hiking I have a little kit now packed up in the car or in my backpack at all times.

So whether they are …

playing at the park

making a splash in a mud pool

exploring nature

hiking, or …

taking care of their pets …

CURAD® has us covered! Because sometimes kisses just aren’t enough, CURAD® enables you to provide the most soothing care possible with everything from bandages and gauze to specialty first aid products that are Hospital Approved. Life Tested™.

And  CURAD® will be joining us on our summer adventures, so stay tuned for updates from the road …




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