We still have almost 5 weeks until school starts back.  The kids are all starting at new schools this year seeing as we moved house.  Their previous schools start back in the next week or two.

We are gearing up though.  I don’t want to leave it all until the last minute.   Doctors and dental appointments have been scheduled, immunizations are up to date, lunch boxes have been purchased, and orientation days have been marked in the calendar.

We have quite a long list of things that the twins need to know before Kinder starts.   Thankfully though they had learned the majority of the items on the list in preschool.  There are still a couple of things we need to work on though.  One of the big things is that they need to learn to tie their own shoelaces.  Now most people who see my kids regularly know that they are constantly in Crocs.  They take swim lessons most days and we are constantly running in and out of the house so Crocs are easiest for them to slip on.  Shoelace tying has been the furthest thing from our minds.

Then I heard from a local blogging group (who are also friends) San Diego Momfia that Nordstrom were offering free shoelace tying classes (call your local store to find out the date and time).  So I took the kids there this weekend.

Nordstrom shoelace tying class

For anyone interested in attending, they teach the bunny ear method.  My kids were restless.  They didn’t want to learn.  Then they heard they would get a toy and a certificate if they did.  I’ve never seen my kids jump back into a chair so quickly.  They are still going to need to practice at home, but they know the basics for now.  They can tie the knot and make the bunny ears.  It’s just a little tricky to tie those bunny ears into a knot too.   They were rewarded with a certificate though, and a balloon, and were able to choose a toy out of a box.  They were thrilled.  I took them out for brunch afterward to celebrate.

Other things we have been practicing (I say we, because the kids are the ultimate decision makers) are their lunches for school.  I’m not used to making school lunches.  Jay has purchased lunch ever since he started in Jr High and it suddenly became uncool to take lunch from home.   We found a fun cookie cutter at Walmart recently and the kids are loving these sandwiches.

puzzle sandwich cutter

Now I need to make some eco-friendly sandwich pouches too.  That’s next on my list.

How are you preparing your kids for school?  Do you have a child starting kinder this fall too?

Please join us in the Horizon Dairy Back to School Community.  There are lots of discussions going on.  Ask a question, and share some advice. 

Today (Sunday 31st) from 1-2pm PST we will be hosting a live chat on Balancing Motherhood.  I hope you’ll join us.  UPDATE:  Due to technical difficulties this chat has been rescheduled for Tuesday August 2nd at 6pm PST (9pm EST).


Disclosure: I am being compensated for my role as Community Leader in the Horizon Healthy Families Back to School Community.

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heather July 31, 2011 - 10:02 am

If it helps? I’ve been packing lunches FOREVER although my career is almost over as they are in 6th and 7th this year. One day is just will be wrong to carry in a lunch sack.
There are some amazing containers at the store for sandwiches and whathaveyou. I like using the sandwich shaped boxes because it doesn’t smoosh the bread. Also, I use those tiny cups with lids for dips and/or applesauce.
I used to fill a container for a drink also, but then that got to be uncool, too..

But the shoetying class? Awesome!


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