The Boxtrolls Family Movie Night DIY Popcorn Tubs

by Tonya Staab
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Have a Boxtrolls movie night with the whole family and make a fun cardboard box popcorn tub Boxtroll craft too.

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We love family movie time. It’s a great excuse for us to snuggle on the couch, eat lots of popcorn and do something together.

I had been wanting to see The Boxtrolls, but unfortunately missed it in the movie theater, so I was so excited to see that it had come out on DVD and Blu Ray.

Movie time in this house doesn’t happen without some kind of fun activity, snack or craft, because I think that just adds to the enjoyment of it all. Before the movie, I thought it would be really fun to make a special popcorn tub based on one of The Boxtrolls.

a popcorn tub made out of cardboard shaped like a Boxtroll

And of course, after the movie, the kids can use the tubs to keep their trinkets and collections in. There’s one little boy (not naming anyone) who comes home from school each day with little treasures he’s collected such as acorns, leaves and special rocks. I think this is the perfect place to keep them.

These tubs are actually quite easy to make. The Boxtrolls are well, not so perfect, so these don’t need to be either, which makes them a great craft for kids to do too.

What you need:

How to make a Boxtrolls popcorn tub

a printout of a fish on cardboard with a popcorn tub

I used my normal popcorn tubs for this craft to get the measurements, but if you don’t have one, you can make these any size you like, just at the end line your box with wax paper before putting your popcorn inside.

To begin, I took rough measurements of the popcorn tub, leaving an extra inch at the top and an extra 5mm for each side.

using a popcorn tub to make measurements on a cardboard box

Mark the lines where you need to fold to make four sides for your box and then cut out the main section.

lines marked on a cardboard box to make a box craft

Fold your box on each of the lines, and then using hot glue attach the ends together.

a box folded into a tunnel

Again, this doesn’t need to be a perfect square or rectangle.

Place your box on top of the cardboard and cut out a base to the same size. Using hot glue attach it to one side of your box.

boxes being cut up and made into crafts

Cut out your fish tie template (make sure you printed it landscape to make it smaller). Attach it to the front of your box using glue.

a fish printable being stuck onto a box

Using the Sharpie, draw a really rough edge around the fish picture. You can even draw around the dotted line for the fish tie too.

fish pictures stuck onto cardboard boxes

Next, you will make the legs. Cut out a shape similar to this. You will need two of these for each box. Fold it every which way, the messier and the more creases the better.

how to shape cardboard to make legs

Gradually roll the leg, folding and attaching it with glue in small sections.

how to shape boxes

Until you have something that looks like this … although no two legs will look exactly alike.

making leg shapes out of cardboard

Cut two holes into the base of your popcorn box, insert the legs, and then glue them into place using the hot glue.

You may need to play around with the base and the shape of the legs to ensure the box will stand up on its own.

how to make a boxtroll box craft

Pop some of your Pop Secret 10 ct Movie Theatre Butter Popcorn, and either place your plastic tub inside The Boxtrolls tub or line your box with wax paper.

handmade boxtrolls popcorn boxes for a movie night

You can find both The Boxtrolls DVD and Pop Secret 10 ct Movie Theatre Butter Popcorn at your local Walmart. *while supplies last

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