Creative Ways to Wrap a Gift With Tire Tracks Art

by Tonya Staab
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Tire tracks art is a fun way for kids to experiment with tires and cars to make creative gift wrap for friends who love cars and trucks.

The twins’ received an invitation to a friend’s birthday party recently. Over the weekend, (after finding out that he likes cars and trucks) I had the kids make creative wrapping paper for his gifts.

Kids making tire track wrapping paper by rolling cars and tires over a stamp pad and onto paper.
Kids rolling tire tracks with stamp pads along packing paper.

Tire tracks art


  • Large sheets of craft or packing paper
  • Stamp pads (or paint)
  • Toy cars, tires, or stamps

Tip: I purchased a pack of Cars movie tire stamps at Target for under $4 (4 per pack – located in the party section). 


Tire tracks learning activity for kids with toy cars and wheels being rolled over a stamp pad and then onto paper to see the different patterns they make.
Handmade tire tracks gift wrap and learning activity for kids.

Tire tracks learning activity

So here is a fun activity your kids can do at home. I call this the “Tire Track Experiment”.

Take assorted tires and ink pads (or paint) and let your kids explore the different patterns tires can make. The tires we used were from a Lego set, a tire that had fallen off a toy car (I put a lollipop stick through the center), a toy car and the Cars stamp.  I’m sure if you have a toy car lover in the house you have a lot of odd tires amongst the mountains of cars and trucks they have collected.

This would make a great (shhh and educational) party activity for a cars or trucks themed party too. It also makes for a great indoor rainy day activity. Use assorted stamps and print tire tracks on paper. The child who matches them all / the most tire tracks together with the stamps wins and receives a small prize.

More fun car activities for kids

Are you looking for more fun car and ‘things that go’ activities for the kids to do? Take a look at these:

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Baby tracks September 27, 2010 - 10:59 pm

You little Genius proved that your very creative and brilliant. Very perfect gift and its simply superb. Eye popping colours and i love those gift. Im waiting for more interesting stuffs.

Anna February 25, 2011 - 5:28 am

This is cool! We did something very similar this week but using paint. Lego wheels are such a great idea (as is the ink pad for less mess!) We had fun too. Here is where I posted about it just now.

all star tire July 25, 2011 - 8:36 am

That is a great idea for that biker in the family. I will have to try that out.


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