5 Creative Easter Basket Ideas For Tweens and Teens

by Tonya Staab
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Looking for creative Easter basket ideas for tweens, teens, and college kids? Think outside the box with these five ideas that they will love.

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As my kids get older I get more creative with Easter baskets. Giving them things they can use, activities to do, or items that they need.

Crochet Easter Basket

crochet easter basket in pink, green, and white

You can find all the details to make this crochet Easter basket that kids can re-use for bedroom storage at Make and Takes.

Game Day Easter Basket

dominoes box filled with activities and snacks for kids for Easter

This Game Day Easter Basket filled with yummy snacks and activities that will keep teens busy for days on end is so much fun. You can find all the details including how to paint the dominoes box and make the handmade checkers board at Kids Activities Blog.

Easter Basket For Teen Girls

easter basket filled with succulents, inspirational stones, and candy for a teen girl

My daughter loves decorating her bedroom and loves her pet turtle so this Easter basket reflects that. I popped in three mini hanging succulents, inspirational stones to put inside her turtle’s tank, invisible markers for sending notes to her friends, her favorite snacks, and a golden egg with money. Everything you see here is available at Oriental Trading Company.

Easter Basket for Teen Boys

Easter basket filled with games, snacks, and golf tees for a teenage boy

My son is going to love this Easter basket. My favorite thing is the personalized golf tees for his golf lessons. I also added in a handheld game, tic-tac-toe that we can play together, invisible markers, and his favorite candy. Everything in this basket is available at Oriental Trading Company.

Easter Basket For College and Adult Kids

easter basket for college guys including beer coasters, kitchen items, treats, and money

This Easter basket is for Jay. He might be 24, but he’s still my kid and for now he still lives at home. Although that’s about to change in the coming months so this Easter basket for him has hand-painted wood coasters, egg cups (finished with food-safe oil), money, his favorite treats, back scratcher, and an oven mitt and pot holder. Everything you see here is available at Oriental Trading Company.

Looking for creative ideas to put inside your kid’s Easter baskets? Try these:

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