5 Spring Gardening Projects For Kids

by Tonya Staab

Get the kids into the backyard with these five Spring gardening projects that will have them planting, crafting, and making your backyard space lovely.

Who is sick of having the kids indoors staring at video games? I know I am. We have a tiny backyard, and being a rental property we have to get creative with gardening, which means a lot of potted plants.

Here are a few creative projects that the kids can do while you are stuck at home.

Grow your own food

plants shoots in soil inside a plastic container

This week over at Kids Activities Blog I’m sharing how we turned a plastic apple container into a seed starter greenhouse. Our arugula shoots are just over two inches tall about two weeks after starting. It’s so fun to watch them grown, and these popped out of the soil after just three days.

Turn everyday items into planters

succulents planted in baking tins and tin cans

Visit Lady and the Blog to see how we use everyday items such as baking tins and tin cans and turn them into planters for succulents and herbs. We also give you ideas on how you can gift plants too with handmade plant markers.

Make a fairy garden

This fairy garden in a wood box is still one of my favorite projects. It was a labor of love and still sits on our front porch. A few spiders have taken up residence in it and I’ve had to put new plants in it, but it brings me joy.

fairy garden inside a wood box

Macrame a plant hanger

Hang plants from your front or back porch with a handmade macrame plant hanger. I shared this beginner macrame plant hanger project over at Make and Takes a while ago. There’s no better time to learn a new hobby.

a succulent in a pale blue and gold pot inside a hanging macrame planter

Make a pottery planter

Break out the clay and paints and have the kids make planters to decorate the outdoor dining table or window ledges.

a clay planter painted silver

Please pin these ideas for later:

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