DIY a Simple Baby Elephant Diaper Cake

by Tonya Staab
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It’s easier than you think to make a DIY diaper cake for a baby shower. We show you how to make a gender-neutral safari-themed elephant diaper cake.

During the week a friend sent me a text message asking if I knew how to make a diaper cake.

My response – sure, of course, I do! Okay, I’ve never actually made one before, but surely it can’t be that difficult. I didn’t actually tell her that part. If I can make regular cakes, and a classroom supplies cake, surely I can whip up a diaper cake too. I’m always up for a challenge.

How to use cake pans to make a diaper cake

I found a really simple tutorial here for arranging the diapers inside cake pans, and thankfully I had plenty of assorted sizes on hand from baking cakes.

Once the diapers were arranged, I carefully wound a cord around them and tied it off tightly before tipping each ‘cake’ layer out of the pan and assembling it on a cake board.

I then layered white ribbon, watermelon and white twine, and a string of pearl beads around each layer, adding a fabric flower with a sticky backing as the final touch.

Making a banner

Using a couple of wood dowel rods, twine, cardboard, and hot glue I whipped up a quick banner (to match one that was on the baby shower invitation) and popped it into the top of the cake along with a toy elephant my friend had dropped off with the diapers.

This diaper cake took about an hour to make.

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