Today's Teacher Appreciation Week letter is 'C'. It was suggested that this be for candy or chocolate, but unless you know your child's teacher really well I would avoid giving candy or chocolate as they may have allergies, or simply might not like sugary treats.

Instead, I opted to go sugar-free with our gift today.

Classroom supplies cake

I asked the kids which items they use most in class and which ones they thought the teacher was running low of.  Aside from the items I used above they also suggested colored pencils and Elmer's glue sticks.

The inside of the cake is three storage containers in assorted sizes.

The top and middle layers of the cake were simple to put together. Packages of erasers and crayons were placed around the container and held in place with an elastic band.

The bottom layer was a little more tricky because the elastic bands kept slipping and then dry erase markers would fly around the room like little rockets. The best way I found to do this was to wrap a piece of removable double-sided tape around the center of the container and place the elastic band on it, this stopped it from slipping.  I was then able to pull the elastic band off the tape as I slipped the dry erase markers behind it one-by-one.  I then wrapped a regular piece of tape around the outside of the markers to prevent them from slipping and sliding.

Around each cake layer I wrapped a piece of green burlap ribbon and then use hemp to tie everything together tightly and then stacked each cake layer on top of each other.

To get the cake into school I placed it on a cardboard cake circle.


Note: If you are a teacher reading this post, please add any items you would love included in a classroom supplies cake in the comments below to give parents even more ideas.

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