Concrete DIY Projects for Your Backyard

by Tonya Staab
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Grab a few bags of fast-setting concrete and create these easy DIY concrete projects to spruce up your backyard this year.

When we were moving everything out of the garage at the old house we found quite a few bags of concrete. So they didn’t clutter up our new garage we decided to put them to good use and make some concrete crafts.

Concrete DIY projects

Concrete planter

A DIY concrete planter with a stained wood base.
A DIY concrete planter with a stained wood base.

This DIY concrete planter with a wood base is one of my favorite projects. I love that when I come up with an idea that Mike will see my vision and make it a reality for me. The stained wood base looks amazing underneath the concrete planter. We’ve since moved this plant into the chicken pen because it had grown so large and put succulents inside instead. You can find my full tutorial at Make and Takes.

Concrete gnomes for your garden

A concrete diy garden gnome that is painted in a garden
A concrete garden gnome DIY in a backyard garden

These DIY concrete garden gnomes are the perfect addition to your backyard garden. They are so easy to make and kids will love painting them and giving each their own personalities. We made eight to hide in our garden for the grandkids to look at. You can find my full tutorial at Kids Activities Blog.

Concrete stepping stones

Round concrete stepping stones made with fast setting concrete and broken plates.
Round concrete stepping stones with broken plates.

These concrete stepping stones were so much fun to make. Mike and I collaborated on these and they turned out exactly how I imagined. I wanted to make a path from our chicken coop door to the chicken pen door. The blue pottery I used with touches of yellow in it match the walls and roof of the chicken coop.

A concrete stepping stone garden path leading from a chicken coop door, to pen door.
A concrete stepping stone garden path.

DIY concrete project tips

  • We prefer the fast-setting concrete mix. Even though it only takes a couple of hours to dry, we prefer to leave our projects overnight.
  • Your project should be about 2 inches thick (minimum). To add extra support to avoid cracking, add chicken wire into the center – pour a little concrete in the bottom, add wire, pour more concrete over the top.
  • Silicone baking molds are awesome for concrete crafts. Think of all the possible crafts you can make and paint. Spray them with cooking spray before pouring the concrete and they will scrub clean very easily.

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