Want to give glamping a try? This is why you should book a glamping experience at El Capitan Canyon in Goleta, California.

A couple of days ago I shared a recap of the fun Epic Play Date we were invited to attend at Dos Pueblos Ranch in Goleta, California. As I mentioned, we decided to take the kids camping for the weekend.

I made a last-minute booking at El Capitan Canyon which was only a 7-minute drive to Dos Pueblos Ranch. El Capitan Canyon has a variety of accommodations available including safari tents, yurts, and cabins. I decided I wanted to give the kids a 'camping' experience, or should I say 'glamping' experience, so I reserved a Safari Tent.

El Capitan Canyon Goleta California

At El Capitan Canyon there is a market, hiking trails, complimentary beach cruiser bikes, a playground, and a pool. There are also numerous other activities such as a summer concert series,  yoga, story-telling, and massages.

The Canyon at El Capitan
El Capitan Canyon with Kids
This was our safari tent. There were hardwood floors, two double beds, a bedside table between the beds with an alarm clock, lamp and flashlight. There was also a large chest that contained extra blankets, a heater, a fan, and a table and chairs. We were thankful for the electricity because it was a little chilly in the evenings, and we were able to keep our cell phones charged.

Double Safari Tent El Capitan Canyon
Similar to a hotel there were maps and information about what we could do in the area, and even a bowl of toiletry items. Everything we needed was provided included towels and linens. The only thing we needed to take was cooking utensils, we also took our own portable grill, although there is a grill provided for over the fire pit.

El Capitan Canyon Safari Tents
We had our own picnic table and a fire pit right outside the tent.

Camping at El Capitan Canyon Goleta
The Canyon Market will even deliver meals to you including a BBQ dinner (they have a few options available) and s'mores kit that you can cook over your fire pit.

This is the perfect location for bird watching and hiking, and the wildflowers are spectacular. The kids had a great time. I'm about to bombard you with photographs so I hope you have a cup of tea and biscuits.

Let's start with a few more of the kids and some of the lovely things we saw at El Capitan Canyon.

El Capitan Canyon with kids
El Capitan Canyon with kids
Birds at El Capitan Canyon

On Saturday evening we watched the Acorn Woodpecker (pictured above left) while we grilled our dinner and had s'mores. You can see a hole in the tree just above where it's sitting and it was popping in and out with what we can only assume was food for babies.

Prairie Dogs at El Capitan Canyon Goleta

We spotted the prairie dog above at the playground. He wasn't scared of us at all and Flynn was fascinated watching it pushing the earth up out of its tunnel.

El Capitan Canyon Goleta
Cabins at El Capitan Canyon
Western Bluebird at El Capitan Canyon
Wildlfowers at El Capitan Canyon
birds at El Capitan Canyon
Wildflowers at El Capitan Canyon
Purple wildflowers at El Capitan Canyon
On Sunday morning after breakfast I decided we should head out on a couple of the hiking trails.  The shortest one took us past an organic farm to a Llama farm. It was an overcast morning but the view over the ocean was breathtaking. The little man even saw a train going past.

Selma Rubin Trail at El Capitan Canyon
organic farm at Goleta California
Spring at El Capitan Canyon Goleta
Llamas at Goleta California
Llama farm at Goleta California
wildlife in Goleta California
On our way back, we spotted a small sign almost hidden by the brush for the Paradise Trail. Of course, I insisted that we take that one too. It takes you on quite a steep climb to the Overlook. Thankfully though once you have reached the top, it's all downhill to get back to El Capitan Canyon.

Paradise Trail to the Overlook in Goleta California
wildlife in Goleta California
El Capitan Canyon hiking trail wildflowers
spring flowers in Goleta California
El Capitan Canyon hiking trails
hiking in Goleta California
hiking in Goleta California
View from the Overlook Trail at El Capitan Canyon
butterflies in Goleta California
Birds of prey Goleta California
wildlife in Goleta California
Once we returned to our car we headed down to El Capitán State Beach. It's a lovely spot and there's a short nature trail. The only thing I would warn you about is the tar on the rocks. I ended up throwing out my flip flops, and there was a lot of scrubbing to get it off the kids' feet and knees. Unfortunately, we arrived right on high tide, but if you go at low tide I can imagine that you would see an abundance of sea life in the tide pools. The kids especially loved all of the ladybugs they found on the seaweed that had washed up onto the sand.  At one time Flynn had 5 on his arm. 

El Capitan State Beach
El Capitan State Beach
El Capitan Beach
El Capitan State Beach
El Capitan State Beach
El Capitan State Beach
El Capitan State Beach Goleta California
crab at El Capitan State Beach
jellies at El Capitan State Beach

anemone el capitan state beach
ladybugs el capitan state beach
El Capitan State Beach
Now, go and book a trip there for summer vacation.  You will love it.  I would love to go back once their summer concert series is on. 


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Km May 5, 2013 - 5:25 pm

Pure magic!!!!

SAHMaegan May 12, 2013 - 2:02 pm

Oh my gosh, one of my favorite places growing up. So fun to read your post and see your magical pictures!

Nice to have met you yesterday at Elevate!


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