This penguin bento lunch idea for kids inspired by the book Tony Baloney School Rules is sure to be a hit with kids.

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Do you have something special planned for the first day of school? Are your kids starting preschool or kindergarten this year?

The twins' head into 2nd grade next week and Jay will be a senior … gasp. I'm still in shock. 

The blogosphere and Pinterest are overflowing with ideas for new outfits, cool backpacks, first day photos, tips, advice, and creative lunches.

We have the first-day outfits and backpacks ready to go, and now I'm planning lunch ideas for the little ones.

Back to School: Penguin Bento Box School Lunch
This lunch is so cute, and quick and easy to put together too. I love Bento box style lunches, but some of them just seem like they would take an hour to put together, and I don't know about you, but I don't plan on getting up that early in the morning to make an elaborate lunch.

Starfish melon – Use a small cookie or fondant cutter to make starfish out of fruit. The cantaloupe starfish was made using a flower fondant cutter.

Fish – You could use any Goldfish snacks you like, I used the S'mores Goldfish for this lunch, but rainbow fish or regular Goldfish would look just as cute.

Penguin sandwich – All you need is a penguin-shaped cookie cutter and your child's favorite sandwich filling to make these fun sandwiches. Surround with lettuce 'seaweed'.

'Snowy' trail mix – This snowy trail mix is made from Vanilla Chex, yogurt covered raisins and mini marshmallows.

Blue jelly 'water' – this speaks for itself really. Make jelly the night before, pour directly into a container and refrigerate. To keep it set in the lunchbox while kids are at school, make sure you use an ice pack and an insulated lunch bag. I gave this a trial run, leaving it out on the counter for 4 hours which is how long it would be out at school and it was still completely set. I even opened the container and took out a snack just like they'd do at morning recess. 

This fun back to school lunch was inspired by the book Tony Baloney: School Rules, which is the perfect book for little ones who might be going through first day jitters.

Even though my kids aren't starting their first year of school, Miss M is still very nervous about starting 2nd grade. She's my shy one, and is worried about being away from me and is concerned her best friend from last year might not be in her class this year.

About the book:

TonyBaloneyTony Baloney is finally free from the tyranny of his many sisters only to face a new challenge–SCHOOL RULES! How will Tony ever follow them all? True to his resilient spirit, he discovers a first day of school filled with new friends, good fun, a few foibles, and some fantastic surprises!

Hilarious sibling dynamics make this book a hit with young readers who can relate to the “Bossy Big Sister Baloney,” “Mischievous Middle” Tony Baloney, or the “Bothersome Baby Baloneys.” Tony Baloney is poised to become a classic, character-driven series in the vein of Arthur, Fly Guy, and Frog and Toad.

From award-winning team Pam Muñoz Ryan, author of The Dreamers and Esperanza Rising, and Edwin Fotheringham, illustrator of What to Do About Alice?



Do you have kids who are nervous about going back to school? Have your kids already started? How did their first day go?

First Day of School with Tony Baloney

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