We were recently introduced to a really cool new interactive clothing line for girls. If you have a little girl who loves Hello Kitty and plays with phone apps then she's sure to love this.

Hello Kitty: Play and Wear #KuKeeapp #pmedia
This is how it works.


Head to Macy's children's department. You are going to be looking for the line of Hello Kitty clothing by Evy of California.

Check the tags on the clothing. Some of the tags will say 'Let's Play'. You will also find finger tattoos or puppets with these clothes and a square pink tag on each clothing item. Note: not all of the Evy of California Hello Kitty clothes will have this.

These are the fabulous Hello Kitty items we picked up on our shopping trip.

Hello Kitty outfit from Macy's
This adorable Hello Kitty dress does contain the pink tag which you can see to the bottom right of the Hello Kitty, it also had a small package attached to the tag containing the Hello Kitty finger tattoos.

Evy of California Hello Kitty outfit from Macy's
Miss M is not a t-shirt with leggings girl, she must wear a skirt, tunic or dress with them – she is so my daughter.  Although the leggings don't contain the pink tag or finger puppets, the skirt does have a pink tag on the waistband.

Evy of California: Hello Kitty outfit from Macy's
Miss M spotted this skirt on a sale rack and demanded it come home with us. It's the exact style of skirt she loves to wear. She loves the layers and the tulle and watching it twirl as she spins around. Note: it doesn't have the pink tag or finger puppets.


Download the KuKee app and unlock it. 

Collect KuKee markers.

KuKee App

There are quite a few colors to collect and as you scan these it will unlock fun effects to add to photographs.

KuKee App
As you can see you take a regular photo with the KuKee frame, or you can add fun things like stars, clouds, and other items depending on how many KuKee markers you've found.

Next, scan the square pink tag on the clothing item. This will open a puppet show. You can either use the tattoo finger puppets attached to the clothes, or the actual finger puppet on some clothing items (depending on what you purchased) to make a little four slide puppet show. Or in my daughters case pull all of your Hello Kitty toys out and make a little show of everything you own.

Hello Kitty KuKee App

KuKee App

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Hello Kitty Games May 22, 2015 - 4:55 am

Very interesting article, I would definitely buy this for my little daughter 🙂


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