Pretty Flower Crafts Perfect for Spring

by Tonya Staab
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These pretty flower crafts are not only perfect for spring but also to give as gifts for Teacher Appreciation, Mother’s Day, and more.

Flower crafts

Tissue paper sunflower craft

Tissue paper scrunched up into balls and attached to recycled cardboard to make a tissue paper sunflower craft.
A pretty tissue paper sunflower craft using recycled cardboard.

Make this pretty DIY tissue paper sunflower craft with the kids. It will make a beautiful art piece to hang in their bedroom or playroom or to give as a gift to someone special. You’ll find my full instructions to make your own over at Kids Activities.

Egg carton flowers

egg carton flower craft made using egg cartons, pipe cleaners, and pom poms.
Flowers made out of egg cartons, pipe cleaners, and pom poms.

Aren’t these egg carton flowers just beautiful? The twins made these for me one year for Mother’s Day. I put them all into a vase and they looked so pretty.

Flower coloring page cards

Flower greeting cards made for Mother's Day using coloring pages and construction paper.
Flower coloring pages are turned into greeting cards.

Turn flower coloring pages into greeting cards that you can send to teachers, parents, siblings, or friends. If you don’t consider yourself very good at drawing, like me, you will love this coloring page craft. I’m showing you how to do it at Kids Activities.

Wooden clothespin flowers

Clothespin flowers made using wooden pegs and glitter card stock.
Wooden clothespin flower crafts using glitter cardstock.

These pretty wooden clothespin flower crafts are perfect for spring. Make them in a variety of colors to decorate the mantel or a windowsill in your home.

Stained glass flower art

A faux stained flass window painted with flowers using homemade window paint.
Faux stained glass window painted with flowers.

This beautiful faux stained glass window art is perfect for pre-teens and teens. We used coloring pages and homemade paint to make this fun project. I’m sharing all the details to make your own at Kids Activities.

Spring pipe cleaner flowers

girl holding flowers made out of pipecleaners and foam balls
Spring flowers made using styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners.

I would love to take credit for this spring craft, however, it was all my daughter’s idea. She made a couple of these to surprise me when I got home one day. So I asked to her make a bouquet of them so that I could show you how she made them. These spring pipe cleaner flowers are the perfect way to keep kids busy this spring break. Have them paint a pot for them too. You’ll find my (her) instructions to make these at Divine Lifestyle.

Homemade flower press

homemade flower press
A homemade wood flower press with poppies painted on the front of it.

I’m showing you how to make this flower press at 5 Minutes for Mom. Did you have a flower press when you were little? Mine was a little wooden one that had screws and bolts on each corner that clamped the press tight. This is the perfect project for spring, and they really are so easy to make.

Pipe cleaner flower card

spring flowers made out of pipe cleaners and attached to a plain greeting card with a handmade vase made out of scrapbook paper.
Pipe cleaner flowers attached to a greeting card with a paper vase.

This pretty homemade pipe cleaner flower card is perfect for any occasion including Mother’s Day, birthdays, or your favorite teacher. You can even put it in a frame to hang on the wall. I’m sharing all the details to make your own at Kids Activities.

Spray chalk flowers

spray chalk flowers painted on a concrete driveway.
Spray chalk flowers created with handmade cardboard stencils.

We had so much fun creating these pretty spring flowers using Testors Spray Chalk. We even created our own stencils using old cardboard boxes. Grab our full instructions at Make and Takes.

Tissue paper suncatcher poppies

tissue paper suncatcher poppies craft

Think of all the possibilities with this poppies suncatcher craft. You could make sunflowers, daisies, daffodils, tulips, and more. I absolutely love this tissue paper poppies suncatcher though. It looks just as lovely hanging on the wall as it does in a window. You can find my instructions at Kids Activities.

Flower crown

a yellow and white fresh flower crown on a girls head

Trim back a few vines, pick a few flowers, find a shady spot in the backyard, and Miss M will show you how to make a simple floral crown. You will find her tutorial over at Make and Takes. This is such a fun outdoor craft for kids to make throughout spring and summer.

Popsicle stick flowers

popsicle stick flower craft using a coloring page
Bright and colorful popsicle stick flower craft for kids.

These bright and colorful popsicle stick flowers are perfect for spring. The best part is we use a free spring flower coloring page to make these so they are perfect for kids of all ages. I’ve got the full instructions and download over at Kids Activities Blog.

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