Our Halloween was fairly busy. I spent most of the day at our old house moving the last of our belongings out. I know, I moved in July, but when my love and I decided to move in together we had to somehow fit two 5 bedroom houses into one 5 bedroom house, so there was a lot of pairing down that needed to be done, and for both of us cleaning out years of accumulated 'stuff'. Next week workmen will be replacing the carpets and painting in preparation for my old house to be rented out.

We did manaage to sneak in a little fun though on Halloween.

It was crazy hair day at school. Flynn ended up looking a little like Frankenstein (not on purpose). We decided to spike his hair and spray it black, then as we were leaving I realized he was wearing a green t-shirt. Perfect. I only wish I'd taken a photo. Marisol and I decided on spider egg sacs for her hair and we threaded a spider ring onto each before securing it in place with bobby pins (there's a photo below).

In Marisol's classroom at school the kids are allowed to eat snacks while they work, so I thought it would be fun to take them all in a little Halloween treat, not everyone brings in a snack each day. I got up at the crack of dawn … okay it was still pitch black out, and as I'm clanking around in the kitchen apparently I scared my man who thought something must have been wrong, but no, just my crazy self. So I started his Halloween off appropriately … by scaring him awake.

Halloween spiderweb kettle corn treats

I piped melted white chocolate into the shape of spider webs onto wax paper and attached a little candy spider to each, then refrigerated the sheets until right before I was ready to fill bags with kettle corn and take them to school.

Note: one bag of Ghirardelli white chocolate morsels was enough to make three white chocolate spider webs for each popcorn bag for a class of 25 children.

Halloween treat bags

Marisol said the kids were so excited to have a little Halloween treat during the day and instead of eating them while they worked, the teacher decided to read a couple of books to the class while they enjoyed their treats.

After school I whipped up the kids favorite snack, fairy bread, but I put a fun Halloween twist on it.

Halloween fairy bread

Fairy bread is a traditional Australian party treat. It's normally made with the multi-colored nonpareils you can purchase at most grocery stores, but for this one I went with green, purple, white and orange.

These are really easy to make. All you need is:

  • bread – 2 slices per fairy bread sandwich
  • butter
  • Halloween or fall themed nonpareils
  • cookie cutter – you can make any shape you want (cat, moon, bat, pumpkin etc)

Butter one slice of bread and spread nonpareils over the top so they stick. Cut the shape out of the second slice of bread and place it over the top. It's that easy.

I added a little spider ring and purple napkin too and the kids loved it.

Halloween treats for kids

Things got a little crazy after this as we prepared for trick or treating. Candy was purchased last minute and poured into a cauldron to hand out to children. The kids had to get into costumes, of which Flynn decided at the very last minute that he no longer wanted to wear the pirate costume I had put together for him (at his request) this year, but wanted to wear the LEGO Lord Vampyre costume I made for him last year instead. Which meant, of course, I wasn't prepared at all and a black shirt and pants had to be located, in the laundry pile. Thank goodness on Halloween if you smell bad you will fit right in. Then there were flameless candles that needed to be turned on around the front yard for once it got dark and batteries to be put in flashlights so we could walk around the streets.

Marisol had a blast of course and could have kept going all night, we even visited one of her best friends house, who happened to be outside in costume thank goodness, otherwise we may have had to stand there all night waiting. Flynn on the other hand gets bored after about 30 minutes every single year and wants to go home. We did have a couple of favorite stops though. One house were having a house party where everyone was dressed in costume. The yard was decorated and the front door wide open with a huge Christmas tree inside decorated with items to the theme of The Nightmare Before Christmas. They had a large spinning wheel in front of the door that kids had to spin to get their treat. Marisol got candy, but Flynn got a glow-in-the-dark devil's pitchfork, so he was thrilled. In the next cul-de-sac all of the neighbors had gotten together and had long tables set up with buckets filled with candy so that each trick-or-treater could take a piece from every bucket and they had the Despicable Me movie playing on a large inflatable screen that you could stay to watch. I'm stepping it up next year. I will start planning now.

Halloween 2014

The little spider treats above are made from pretzels, marshmallows and chocolate chips. It was a little activity we did after school the day before Halloween.

Once the kids bellies were full of candy and they were happily playing video games, my man and I snuggled in front of the fire and watched The Conjuring while I enjoyed a glass of Stark Raving red. Okay, most of the movie was spent with my head buried into his shirt. Very appropriate for Halloween I thought.

Halloween 2014

But now Halloween has been packed away for another year.

I hope you all had a fantastic one too.

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