Over the weekend we hosted a Halloween Harry Potter LEGO party for Marisol and Flynn's 7th birthday.

Last week I shared with you the party invitations, today I'm going to share some of the photographs from the party and then over the next couple of weeks I'm going to break down some of the tutorials and recipes into separate posts.

Harry Potter Halloween LEGO Party
I had a set budget for this party as I do with all of my parties, and with a lot of DIY projects and homemade items I was able to splurge a little on other things, such as hiring an entertainer.


For party entertainment I hired a fabulous local magician. If you live in the San Diego area I highly recommend Joe Mystic. He was absolutely wonderful, and I especially loved that he came in a Harry Potter style costume and incorporated parts of Harry Potter into his show, such as using the spell Wingardium Leviosa when he was floating Flynn.

He pulled a few kids out of the audience and did magic tricks with them and had everyone oohing and aahing and laughing.

Joe Mystic - San Diego Magician
Yes, he did pull all of that paper out of his mouth. Everybody's mouth was hanging open and the kids were in fits of giggles.

I love the look on M's face in the photo below. Joe did a trick with her. He had her tear up wrapping paper and then it turned into a party hat, she was absolutely shocked.

Joe Mystic - San Diego Magician

Of course there was a bunny too … because what's a magic show without a bunny.

Joe Mystic - San Diego Magician

 ———- DECORATIONS ———-

Decorations were going to play a big role in the party because not only did we want to include Harry Potter, but also Halloween decor and LEGO too.  The toughest part was locating LEGO items to use, and I had to get a little creative with this seeing as they no longer sell Harry Potter LEGO in stores and the prices on Ebay to purchase these sets is absolutely ridiculous.

This was our main party table which I set up on our back patio under the cover. I rotated food on here, from snacks during a magician show, to lunch afterward, and being that it was a really hot day, I kept as much as I could indoors and rotated food as often as I could.

Harry Potter Hallowen Party decorations
I absolutely loved the prints along the staircase in Hogwarts that move and talk. Unfortunately, our pictures didn't talk, but they certainly moved. The kids loved them and they were very inexpensive.  I even found the small one at Target for only $1 each.

Halloween party decorations
Halloween wall art
Flynn has been collecting the LEGO Monster House set so the spiders, snakes, owls and even a tombstone were perfect little additions to the table. We even picked up a Halloween pumpkin set on our recent trip to Legoland for just a few dollars.

Halloween LEGO

If you have seen the Harry Potter movies, you may remember the one where Harry and Ron follow the spiders into the forest. To play on that, I had the kids place spiders starting from our mailbox up to the front door for the party guests to follow into our home.

Harry Potter party

Harry Potter party ideas

 ———- FOOD and BEVERAGES ———-

For party food I like to offer a variety of yummy treats, healthy food and hearty food, but keeping it as close to the theme as possible.

Snitch Cake Pops and other Harry Potter party food

So we had:

  • Golden Snitch cake pops – details to follow in a separate blog post
  • Cornish pasties – purchased from a local deli, Deli SA
  • Halloween fairy bread – we use mini cookie cutters to cut the center out of one side of the bread so the Halloween themed sprinkles would show through.
  • Chocolate rocks – purchased from a local cake decorating supplier, Do It With Icing
  • Orange and Black corn chips – Market Pantry brand.
  • Black grapes
  • Chocolate frogs – homemade using Ghirardelli chocolate chips and this chocolate frog mold
  • Pretzel wands – use the long pretzels for this. 
  • LEGO trail mix – use popcorn, rice Chex and brick candies to make this super simple trail mix.

cornish pasties and Halloween fairy bread

After lunch and once the kids were busy playing with various activities I handed out cherry-pineapple popsicles to everyone, the red/orange color were perfect to match our color scheme.

I set out a basket with napkins, forks, straws and ketchup, along with plates in two sizes. For beverages we also had test tubes out which the kids loved.

Harry Potter Party

For beverages we served Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer (which I ordered on-line) and Poison Punch (recipe to follow in a separate blog post), as well as bottled water.

Harry Potter Halloween party drinks

———- GAMES and ACTIVITIES ———-

I made sure that aside from the 45-minute magic show that there was plenty of entertainment for the kids.

In one room we set up the Harry Potter Xbox game.

Harry Potter Party activities for kids
In another room we had the first Harry Potter movie playing.

Harry Potter party activities for kids
In the dining room, we had the Harry Potter LEGO game set up to play.

Harry Potter party activities for kids
Outside, we had built Quidditch hoops for the kids to play catch (or whatever they wanted to play). These also made great, and inexpensive party decor. I'll be sharing a tutorial on how to build these soon.

Harry Potter party activities for kids
I will also be sharing a tutorial on how to make the owl pinata.

There was also a bubble station set up with orange liquid (of course). I used Martha Stewart's bubble recipe to make this.

Halloween party for kids
I also set out a variety of costumes and other assorted items for the kids to play with including the sorting hat, a robe, Professor Dumbledore's hat, Harry Potter glasses, a couple of wands and Mad-Eye Moody's eye, along with a Harry Potter broomstick.

Harry Potter party for kids
Harry Potter party activities for kids
Harry Potter party activities for kids
Stay tuned. My next post will be the tutorial to make the Golden Snitch Cake Pops.

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marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings October 9, 2013 - 8:52 am

so so cute I seriously love those snitches! pinned

Stephanie October 14, 2013 - 9:37 pm

I wish I had a party like this when I was younger (or even in a few weeks) but I’m at uni now and everyone’s busy with exams and stuff. But this looks like the bestest party ever! You are one awesome parent well done! 🙂

jyl @ momitforward November 3, 2013 - 8:46 pm

You are sooooo creative! Love it!

Tonya Staab November 6, 2013 - 9:57 am

Thank you Jyl 🙂


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