I Think You’re Kool Valentine’s Day Printables

by Tonya Staab
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These ‘I Think You’re Kool’ Kool-Aid Valentine’s Day treats are fun, colorful, and come with a free printable card to download and gift.

The kids have four days off school this coming weekend, so both classes are hosting special Valentine’s Day parties today.

Of course I left preparing for the parties until the last-minute. Because I procrastinate. A lot. But, after a little late night crafting, these are the Valentine’s Day gifts I sent in their backpacks this morning to hand out to their classmates.

packets of kool-aid on printable valentine's day cards

They are really quick and easy to make, you only need three things.

Step 1.

Download, print and cut out the cards.

printable colorful i think you're kool cards

Step 2:

Attach a packet of Kool-Aid to each card using the removable sticky dots.

kool aid, printable cards and sticky dots to make valentines day gifts

Step 3:

Hand them out to your friends.

I thing you're kook cards with packets of kool-aid

I just love them in the variety of colors instead of using just the traditional pink and reds for Valentine’s Day. They make me smile.

They would be perfect for a summer party too. Hand them out as party favors.

printable I think you're kool cards with packets of Kool-Aid attached

Oh and here’s a cool thing, if you didn’t know, but Kool-Aid is gluten free. The little man started on a gluten free diet this week as we work on a food elimination trial to find out what is upsetting his poor little body so I wanted to find a Valentine’s Day gift that he could also enjoy. Who knew so many items have gluten in them. I’ve spent hours every day scanning ingredients on packages, looking up brand websites and downloading gluten free lists.

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Juan I. Suarez February 13, 2016 - 10:49 am

This is a cute idea!


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